DRC: Banyamulenge (Tutsis) community on the Brink of Extermination in Minembwe

The acts of barbarity, killings and rape being committed against the Banyamulenge community in Minembwe, South Kivu, DRC, must stop. Banyamulenge in this region are in grave danger and in the midst of a genocide like the one committed against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. We call upon the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to stop these acts of genocide being committed by local militias in collaboration with members of its army, foreign armies and armed groups. We call upon the international community to intervene and stop another genocide from being carried out under their watch again in that region.

For more, please read the following articles from different regional sources:

  1. https://taarifa.rw/dozens-of-banyamulenge-killed-in-drc-under-cover-of-covid-19/

  2. https://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/dr-congo-banyamulenge-appeal-international-help

  3. https://chimpreports.com/drc-heavy-gunfire-as-banyamulenge-fight-3-rebel-movements-to-protect-airfield/

  4. https://taarifa.rw/burundi-military-given-48hours-to-leave-drc/

  5. https://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/experts-activists-explain-minembwe-attacks-call-urgent-action

  6. https://taarifa.rw/congolese-at-war-on-twitter-debate-banyamulenge-status/

  7. https://taarifa.rw/kagame-condemns-massacre-of-banyamulenge-in-drc/

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